SEO Consulting & Digital Marketing Services

Do you feel you could be seeing greater returns from your online presence? You should know that over 84% of the population are online; and spend an average of 35 hours a month on the internet. Getting the correct exposure to this demographic is vital to success in 2013.

PMD offer bespoke website audits, consultation & training to help businesses strengthen their online presence and maximise returns. Our expert knowledge is often the difference between huge increases in traffic/conversions and stagnation/decline. In today’s environment you NEED to know what you’re doing to compete online.

Each and every client gets a unique service that is specifically tailored to them; which brings positive growth to the right business areas.


Pete McAllister SEO Consultant

P. McAllister SEO Expert

PMD helps you understand what digital marketing efforts will give YOUR BUSINESS the largest ROI and bottom line impact.

Want your customers to really engage online? We align your online marketing efforts to resonate with the specific culture and practices of your industry. Giving you a multi-channel marketing strategy that delivers highly targeted traffic and greater conversions

SEO Audits

seo technical auditsPMD’s audits dig deep into your website, identifying hidden SEO weaknesses & opportunities that can provide HUGE gains.

We go beyond simple web design, using our specialist knowledge to allow your website to naturally absorb more search engine traffic. An expert audit can identify small costless changes that will increase your profitability for years to come. Huge opportunities often lie right under webmaster’s noses; PMD’s website audits uncover them!